“Honour Among Thieves” Casting in Detroit

Casting Directors are looking for all types of actors to play featured roles in an upcoming independent movie filming this summer. This is an amazing opportunity to be apart of a production set to audition and film in Detroit, Michigan.

A petty thief is hoping to end her life of crime, but after a big heist gone wrong, her friends disappear without trace, forcing her back into her life of crime. Along the way she meets a new crew who quickly become her friends, however things change when her old friends are back in town for a new job.

Casting Details

Audition Date: May 17th

Where: Detroit, Michigan

Further details of this casting are below. To attend a Nine9 Open Call and learn more about the UnAgency including how to receive additional castings, complete the Nine9 Talent Application.

Nine9 Talent Application

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This is an open casting call so please have a Dramatic monologue prepared. Also bring head-shots, and/or resume. See audition location below.

Audition Date: May 17, 2018, 2pm – 6pm

– Written & Directed By Rodriguez Jennings

– Union/Non-Union: Non-union

– Production Type: Independent Feature

– Project Length: 123 Minutes

– Production Location: Detroit, Michigan

– Audition Location: 5401 Cass Ave. Detroit, MI 48202, Emma Lazaroff Schaver Building

– Production Company: Somnient Pictures

– Email: somnient.films@gmail.com

– Shooting Starts: June 2018

– Shooting Ends: August 2018

[Alexa “Alex”] [GENDER: FEMALE] [AGE: 25-30] Alex is a homeless petty thief. She is quick-witted, reserved, and very commanding. Alex is also a brilliant con-woman, a skill she ashamed of. Alex’s biggest flaw is that she believes she can run away from her problems.

[Daniel] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 30-35] Daniel is a career criminal who takes pride in his work. He is a natural leader, a tactician, and a master manipulator. Daniel is the type of person who claims to have no weakness, that is until he meets Alex.

[Lucas] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 25-30] Lucas was raised on the streets. He is introverted, and usually self-conscious. Lucas has never been a particularly good thief, however he does it to support his friends and keep them out of danger. He doesn’t want his friends to do it alone.

[Gabriel] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 18-25] Gabriel is a lost boy. A born follower, and a bit of a stoner. Gabriel idolizes, his best friend Daniel, and seeks to be like him. He is loyal to a fault, and willing to do what is necessary for Daniel.

[Jonah] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 30-35] Jonah is an all-around swell guy. Highly educated, and from a wealthy background. He talks a lot, and rambles on without knowing. He apologizes for everything, and is gullible.

[Joe] [GENDER: ANY] [AGE: 35-40] Joe, is a career criminal and drug dealer. Joe has seen it all and can spot trouble from a mile away. Joe is skeptical, observant, and unwavering. Joe know exactly what to do when things go wrong.

[Bagger Dave] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 35-40] Dave is a skinny and twitchy guy, who looks and behaves like a tweaker. He is paranoid, and belligerent. But always listens to Joe.

[Pete] [GENDER: ANY] [AGE: 45-50] Pete is a bowling alley manager. Pete runs his operation like a well-oiled machine. Pete is commanding, and unwavering. Pete is however very forgetful, and unfriendly toward his co-workers.

If you’re interested in auditioning please visit www.somnientpictures.com/contact. In the contact box please enter your name, email, and in subject line please enter “Casting/The Character’s name you want to auditioning for”.

This is an open casting call so please have a Dramatic monologue prepared. Also bring head-shots, and/or resume.

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