Casting Calls For “The Exorcist” – FOX’s New Series

Based on The Exorcist from back in the 70’s written by William Peter Blatty, the horror is back once more as a TV Series by FOX.  It is set to be released sometime by the end of 2016. The TV series won’t be exactly the same as the movie, but somewhat following similar format. The movie was about an actress in Washington, D.C whose 12 year old daughter started behaving in strange ways mentally and physically. The woman decided to contact a young priest from a nearby Georgetown University, but when he isn’t very successful, another elderly priest steps in to take matters into his own hands when he comes face to face with an old demonic enemy.

Details for Casting and Roles

The casting directors for the TV series are now looking for actors to play extra roles for the show. If you think you are suitable for the role; apply now before spots are filled up. The filming will take place in Chicago, Illinois. The casting directors want actors who will be able to play the roles of parents who have the ability to show emotions and cry.


Julia’s Parents

  • Female and male actors are required for the role of parents
  • Actors should be between the ages of 40 to 50 years old
  • The actors will be hired for non speaking roles, but will have to act by showing emotions, crying and physically moving around
  • All actors will be paid $150 for every 8 hours of filming
  • The location of filming will take place in Chicago, Illinois

If you think you are suitable for the role and interested to apply, you must send in your professional acting resumes to be considered. Please make sure to add your full name, height, weight, age, address, location, phone number, email address, zip code, clothing sizes and measurements. Also add your current photos of yourself in proper business attire in close up shots and also full body shots. Your photos must be in the JPEG format and they must be renamed with your full name.

Please mention if you have had any training in acting or any acting experiences previously. If you have already worked in the pilot of the TV series, then please mention that in your application and mention what your role was.


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